Welcome to the Virtual Watershed's modeling platform. If you've been here before you may want to continue along to the modeling dashboard. If not, please read on to learn how to use the Virtual Watershed online modeling system.

This system is built on a number of tools developed by WC-WAVE developers. Embedded in this Virtual Watershed webapp is Moinul Hossain's modeling service, known on GitHub as the vwadaptor project. We currently support two models to be run through the Dashboard. In the near future we plan to also run Dr. Donna Delparte's lab's gridding tool and MODFLOW. Tucker Chapman is currently the lead developer of the project that was initiated by Joel Johansen. You can even read his thesis to get more information.

To get started using this system you will need to provide data. Currently we only have instructions ready for iSNOBAL. Follow this link to an IPython notebook to learn how to generate an iSNOBAL-ready netCDF. It is meant to be run from within the vw-py package's examples/isnobal_netcdf directory. It's included in non-runnable HTML format below. Go to GitHub, clone the repository, follow the installation instructions on the GitHub repository page, and you should be good to go. That is not easy to do, and whenever you have trouble please get in touch as soon as possible! Your feedback helps us improve these instructions and the whole Virtual Watershed.